STILL LIGHT                                     Starring                                          Murphy Brothers Productions             

LOOKING FOR                                 Starring                                          Murphy Brothers Productions

PERSEPHONE                                  Starring                                          Reel Stuff Productions

JESSIE’S TRACKS                            Featured                                        Harvard University



WAR BOYS                                        Greg, David, George u/s              Artists Crossing/ dir. James W McBride

ANTIGONE                                        Haemon                                        LES Shakespeare/ dir. Melody Erfani

THE HAMMER TRINITY*                   Gordon Pride, et al.                      House Theatre/ dir. Nathan Allen

THE CROWNLESS KING*                 Patrick James, et al.                     House Theatre/ dir. Nathan Allen

THE WILD PARTY                              Black                                            Bailiwick Chicago/ dir. Brenda Didier
A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE             Mike / Rodolfo u/s                         Teatro Vista/ dir. Ricardo Gutierrez

DEATH AND HARRY HOUDINI         Male u/s                                        House Theatre/ dir. Nathan Allen

RENT                                                 Tom Collins                                   CCPA** / dir. Ray Frewen

ALLEGRO                                          Joe Taylor, Jr.                               CCPA   / dir. Jessica Redish

NOT ABOUT NIGHTINGALES           Guard                                           CCPA   / dir. David Zak


*World Premiere


One on One NYC                               Film / TV Masterclass                  Bob Krakower

One on One NYC                               Auditioning On Camera               Marci Phillips 

Acting Studio Chicago                       On Camera Acting                      Janelle Snow


**BFA Theatre – Chicago College of Performing Arts Conservatory at Roosevelt University


Movement:            Laban Analysis, Alexander Technique, Masque

Voice & Speech:   Linklater, International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

Dialects:                Spanish, French, Italian, British/RP, NY/Brooklyn, Cockney

Languages:           English, Spanish, French




Instruments Piano, Harmonica, Some Guitar, Oral Trumpeting, Cajòn, Percussion, Recording

SAFD Recommended Pass-Richard Ryan (Unarmed) / Weapons / Contact Improvisation Circus Aerial Silks, Single Trapeze, Cloudswing, Corde Lisse, Clowning / Calisthenics / Cycling /  Boating License / Driver’s License / Passport